Hello, my name is Joakim Jonsson, I’m located in Stockholm, Sweden. I’m a freelancing animator, illustrator and a comic artist. Below are some of the animated films I’ve been involved with, both freelance and my own  projects.

All comics on my site are written in Swedish, but you can read them all in English at:


Ted Ed – How do Vaccines Work?



An educational short film I worked with Cinematic to animate for Ted. I’ve animated some of the characters and motion graphic.

Ted ed’s website with full credits below the video.

We’re currently working with a new similar film for Ted ed with that with a deadline at the end of July 2015.


My own project. Everything was drawn, animated and edited by me.

My Little Maggio.

A fanfilm based on Friendship is magic and music by Veronica Maggio. All animated in after effects. All done by me.

11 september

Spanish, partly animated, 10 min documentary by Angela Bravo. My work in it involved 3D environments, setting, charactar animations, (The Shadowy figures.) and composition. If you don’t wanna watch the whole thing I recommend going skipping forward to 02:34 which show some good highlighs of the stuff I worked with.

Fair Game

A stop motion film made as a school project by me and 3 other students


Swedish. A animated film for and about Jobylon how their company works. I’ve animated and created the characters and assisted with the graphics.


Swedish. A film for a now disbanded company explaining their website. I animated and created the characters.

Jehovas Monster

My own shortfilm. An Cell animated horror/comedy about a little girl who can’t sleep. With some composition done. It was, among else, shown at Fredriskstads animation festival in 2010.


Contact me at:

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